Business Model:

    On Shore/Near Shore Services Model:

  • In this model, we provide resources either to the customer's main development site or near shore to make it more interesting and effective to the customer to meet the development deadlines. This way the customers can manage the resources based on the project needs. This allows customer more predictability, control and maintain quality.
  • Offshore Model:

  • In this model, we provide resources that are customized to the customer needs on specific project(s). This helps to save cost significantly while maintaining quality and customer satisfaction. The offshore team can be tailored based on the customer needs. This is easily scalable based on the customer demand, as there are plenty of resources available in our pool. A typical team can consist of Project Manager, Tech Lead, Software Engineers and Test/QA Engineers.
  • Turnkey Project:

  • In this model, we develop the products based on customer specs. The project can be own by the customer or can be jointly owned by the customer and sBIT. sBIT can be considered as a premium development partner. Detail terms on this can be worked out with mutual contract.