Semiconductor is huge field, and one of its biggest area is IC designing. IC or Integrated Circuits contains several transistors fabricated on a single chip. And a VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) system integrates millions (30000 - 1000000) of "electronic components" in a small area (few mm²-> few cm²).To design anything as we need like a Microprocessor, Microcontroller,Memories,Printer, Mobile, Digital security lock in a word everything of our day to day use need a chip. This chip is the ultimate design of a VLSI design flow. Which actually go through as following way:
We need idea-> Specification-> design architecture-> Functional verification-> Logic design-> Logic verification-> Circuit Design-> Circuit Verification-> Physical design-> Layout verification-> Fabrication & testing-> IC chip.
To perform this whole flow we need EDA (electric design automation) tools. From lots of EDA tools we focused on Cadence EDA tools. Its cover whole design of an IC chip.
Furthermore the field of opportunities of VLSI is huge, we can take a glance as mention in here:

Here mentioning that we are the pioneer Provider of Cadence tools in Bangladesh. Cadence EDA tools having lots of feature. Founded from 1988, its revenues is approximately $1.46 billion by 2013.Cadence EDA tools span the entire product development process.